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Crypto is a Family Affair at Blockchain on the Beach and Krypto4Kids

I was invited to the inaugural event of Blockchain on the Beach put on by the amazing Anu Bhardwaj, Founder of Qrypto Queens and Women Investing in Women Digital. The event showcased world-class programming around the state of the blockchain, as well as highlighted kids in a big way with the Krypto 4 Kids programming aimed at empowering children's unheralded ability to drive the global digital economy.

It was a super exciting event and impressive community of parents and kids from all over the world who gathered for the purpose of connecting and sharing learnings about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Anu’s inspiration for this event was born out of her worldwide travel schedule, including time spent traveling with her daughter, Arya. As a frequent business traveler, Anu saw an opportunity for families to travel together and build bonds around crypto education for the entire family.

The event kicked off with a project and mission for the kids… to build a bitcoin mining rig (computer) from scratch that could actually mined bitcoin. The impressive Maxim Sindall (17 years old) flew in from the Sultanate of Oman, where he is a senior at the Think Global School, an experimental school supported by Sir Richard Branson, where every term is held in a different country.

With this event, Anu aims to highlight the need for a shift in attitudes around blockchain, from investment and speculation, to a more inclusive focus which embraces the younger generation, who will be using this technology the most.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, I see people are focusing more on the investment side of things, when they actually should be focusing on who is going to use this technology, which will be mostly millennials and Gen Z’s.

In addition, the events are meant to empower women, as there are a lot of women and minorities who want to learn, but get left behind when new technology emerges. This has been the driving force in Anu’s work for the past 10 years. Her Women Investing in Women Digital platform is focused on finding ways and developing strategies to get more women to invest and become more entrepreneurial.

This event was just the tip of the iceberg, according to Anu and Arya who have much more planned in the coming months and years for Krypto 4 Kids. Anu also stresses that Krypto 4 Kids is a brand, she and her daughter will build as a global initiative. The Krypto 4 Kids app is already in market and available in the Apple iOS store and Google Play. The app teaches kids about crypto in the simplest manner and how they can start to generate their own digital currency through animated avatars.

Anu credits her daughter Arya as her inspiration and it was beautiful to see their interaction with each other, the mother / daughter bond is obvious, but beyond that, these two make a great team.

As a first time CEO, Arya has learned a thing or two from her mom, including awesome leadership qualities and the ability to always taking initiative.

Bosses are alway nice and good … and fair.

This was another informative chat with Anu Bhardwaj and her daughter Arya Bhardwaj. Have a listen to the full conversation, sign up for the newsletter and attend one of her future events!

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