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Hitting a Home Run as a Woman in Sports and Gaming

On this episode of Popping the Bubbl, we dove into the world of video gaming with the incredible Seana Cavanagh, Product Marketing Manager for Video Games with Major League Baseball.

Seana is a rare breed as a woman in the world of gaming, tech and sports, being that all of those sectors are so male dominated. As a child Seana loved sports and gaming and was interested in pursuing a career in entertainment. She got her start interning for Interscope Records and eventually landed at 7th Empire Media which where she learned the nuts and bolts of video production. Seana later went to work a small video game startup called Live Gamer( now Emergent Payments) where she began her career in the video game industry.

Today, Seana works for Major League Baseball as a Product Marketing Manager in the Gaming department. MLB is unique in the sports world as the only professional sports league with its own video game department, making it not only a publisher of content but also developer. Seana has been with MLB since the launch of their first mobile games to the console game called R.B.I. Baseball, which launches a new version every year. Most recently, MLB has come out with a new VR experience game called Home Run Derby VR that lets you experience the rush of game play virtually.

Success as a woman in the video game industry and in tech, in general, does not come without its fair share of challenges. Often, as the only woman in the room and only of a couple of women who are part of the entire department, it can be hard to be be heard.

Being a woman in video games and tech in general has always been challenging. Even though I lacked experience, once I established myself as someone who could perform, I was taken more seriously.

One of the keys to Seana’s long success in a male dominated world, has been to seek out allies and people who will advocate for her and amplify her voice. It’s important to proactively seek out help, because often times her colleagues may be unaware of the challenges that exist to be present at meetings or to be heard. Seana’s advice to other women or people of color in similar positions... “Find ways to proactively give yourself visibility and with confidence say I want a seat at this meeting.”

Another key insight she shared is the importance of having both male and female mentors.

Seeking diversity in mentors is important because it can bring awareness to your unique strengths and talents, help to spot new opportunities and in general help one be more strategic.

Seana also acts as a mentor for other women in her world, doing her part to encourage diversity in tech and resulting in a network of very strong and super interesting people in the industry.

We loved this conversation with Seana, as she took us on a journey explaining the inner workings of MLB, the creative process of the video game production and her role in bringing new products to life.

Be sure to have a listen and also check out MLB's fun games such as R.B.I. Baseball available for XBox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

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