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The Search for Sound with Podsource

On the latest episode of Popping the Bubbl, we had Jeremy Streich, the founder of Podsource on and got all meta talking about podcasting, while on a podcast. Apparently, we also have a fan in Jeremy, who is building out the world’s first search engine for audio, starting with podcasts.

Jeremy’s founding story is quite interesting. Fresh out of college, he knew that he wanted to take the entrepreneurial route and start his own company, but had only inklings of an idea when he took a trip out West to move to the epicenter of tech innovation, San Francisco. Over coffee one day as he was trying to figure out his next steps, he struck up a conversation with a woman who was interested in evolutionary biology. Jeremy had always been an avid podcast listener, to the point of frequently listening and taking notes to reinforce his learning. He knew he had heard something recently related to the topic, but couldn’t and it wasn’t until later after scouring through his extensive notes on podcast that he found the answer - a book by Jared Diamond, called The Third Chipanzee. And an idea was born.

Podsource is the Search Engine for Sound.

Jeremy realized that if he could open up the black box of audio by being able to search through any piece of audio on internet, it could lead to a huge opportunity. There is so much information locked away in audio whether it is speech transcripts, movie line quotes as well as hundreds of thousands of podcasts that unlocking that information by making it easily searchable and findable would be an untapped opportunity for monetization.

Jeremy has enlisted the help of a technical cofounder to develop the more technical areas related to NLP (Natural Language Process) and AI and together they are bootstrapping their way to develop a one stop shop for those seeking audio knowledge and information as well as podcasters like Pete and I to make our content more discoverable and accessible to wider audiences.

We had a great time, hearing Jeremy’s thoughts on what makes a great podcast, what it’s like to be a first time founder, a variety of topics such as blockchain that we find fascinating and what it takes to build a real community. You’ll love this conversation with Jeremy, a young founder with the passion for unlocking wisdom and bringing it to the masses.

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