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Anu Bhardwaj is Changing the Game for Female Funding

Anu Bhardwaj is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain influencer, speaker, and founder of various organizations including Women Investing Women Digital, and Qrypto Queens. We were excited to meet up with Anu while at the amazing StartEngine Summit in Santa Monica, which is a favorite blockchain gathering of ours. She joined us to talk about her passion for blockchain technology and how she came to focus on empowering women to start investing in cryptocurrency.

Anu’s ingenuity and determination paved her path to an extensive, global education with

scholarships and grants to live, work and travel abroad, and pursue her master’s degree in communication, culture and technology, an M.B.A at the Stockholm School of Economics and yet another Fulbright scholarship in India.

While in India, she studied high growth businesses for women entrepreneurs. This study focused on the adversities female entrepreneurs face that hinder their progress to expand and receive funds. Part of her studies included creating a global benchmark study concerning this issue and within nine months she had traveled the world to share her research, attending over 30 private equity conferences from Hong Kong to New York and the Middle East. This experience enabled her to create a global network of the top people in private equity, venture capital, institutional investing, sovereign funds and pension funds.

During this time, she noticed the fact that in spite of there being a lot of money available in the private equity space, women were not securing access to capital and faced numerous difficulties within the heavily male dominated industry. She went on to become a strategist, working in the Middle East for investment groups as well as the US, where she was encouraged to help find solutions to this issue within the venture capital and private equity industry.

One major insight that hit her was that the investing playground consisted mostly of men investing in other men. It was this realization that drove her to create a platform called Woman investing in Women, which is private equity and venture capital focused. She later went on to expand the create another platform called the State of Women which includes a radio and TV network, holds global summits and over a million followers across its channels. A major focus of the platform is discussion of crowdfunding and angel investing options for women.

Anu’s focus on finance and investing naturally led her into the world of crypto and blockchain as an alternative funding mechanism. Her belief is that the technology can provide women at the poorest levels of society access to capital that they've never had before. Her dedication to the cause means, Anu is constantly building new platforms for the advancement of female entrepreneurs. Her latest venture is an upcoming event called Blockchain Beach. The essence of Blockchain on the Beach is to encourage women and kids to invest in blockchain. The event will include six and seven years old talking about crypto, including her 7-year-old daughter Ari, who will also be debuting a new app called Crypto for Kids that will be hitting the app store soon.!

these kids are the future of crypto, it's these kids that are saying this is what I'm doing, this is how I'm going to use it and inspire other kids.

Sessions will include teaching women how to launch their own ICO (Initial Coin Offering), as well as how women can invest in existing ICOs. Anu has a special offer to any Popping the Bubbl fnas that want to attend, just type in QQ at check out for our special rate.

This was another informative conversation with the exceptional Anu Bhardwaj. Have a listen to the full conversation, sign up for the newsletter and attend her event!

Pete A Turner, Sandra Ponce De Leon

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