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Open Garden and its People Powered Internet on Blockchain

Paul Hainsworth, CEO of Open Garden joined us on this episode of Popping the Bubbl to talk about his vision to completely change the game in communications by disrupting traditional mobile networks and introduce a new way to connect to the internet using blockchain technology.

Paul’s story is quite fascinating. He worked in the mobile communications world for approximately fifteen years where he honed his product management skills at different traditional mobile operators such as Blackberry and Sprint. During his time at Blackberry, he became unsatisfied with the manner traditional operators conducted business, which sparked a desire to try something different, something that would alter the communications business and completely disrupt the established centralized approach.

Paul found his role as CEO at Open Garden, which is like AirBnB for internet access, its a decentralized service that anyone can use to share their internet connection and earn money. Open Garden’s mission is to enable people to turn their internet connection into a WiFi hotspot, share their connection and earn Open Garden’s own crypto currency called O.G which can also be converted into Fiat currency.

We want millions of people to share their Internet connections and if they do then we can really fundamentally change how people connect to the internet. we call it the Internet of us.

Many people in the United States have more bandwidth than they are aware of or use for their internet connections. However, they could allow their neighbors and other people within close proximity to make use of their internet connection, this would allow them to split the bill, as well as in some cases build a business using this method. Open Garden uses blockchain technology to grant people nearby access to your internet connection.

Open Garden’s is building a people powered internet that encourages entrepreneurship and starting as simply as just one person sharing their Internet with their next door neighbor. Business minded individuals could also potentially build real profitable businesses by providing access to their Internet connectivity in places like apartment units where distributing access to the internet can be both effective and provided at a lower cost to all. With open garden, entrepreneurs can go out and set up dozens or even thousands of hotspots and provide their own internet services to those areas.To make Open Garden more appealing to entrepreneurs, they adopted a zero knowledge policy of blockchain, understanding that many of their consumers will have little to no knowledge of all that blockchain entails. Everyone, even people who have never heard of terms like blockchain, crypto, wallets, private key or any other crypto related jargon will be able to use the open garden app seamlessly. Open Garden seeks to enable entrepreneurs living in developing countries to cash out their OG earnings through their cell phones among other ways.

Currently, Paul is gearing up for the launch of the beta version of the Open Garden app for IOS that is coming soon! The Android version is already out, Pete won't stop bragging about being the OG of OG, and available here, he urges customers to download the app as soon as possible to start receive free OG’s. He’s also teaming up with manufacturers to create a hardware called “crypto box” that people can plug into the internet and store their crypto on.

We were blown away by Paul and his vision for the future of communications. If you’re interested you can sign up for the beta here. download the Android app, or just have listen to the podcast to hear how the Open Garden team is planning to forever change the face of communications on a global scale.

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