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The Future of Work is Decentralized

Anyone who has been following this podcast knows that Pete and I are fascinated by all things Blockchain, so it was a wonderful treat to chat with Chelsea Rustrum, Founder of Blockchain for Good and Blox 7 and David Sneider, CEO of Deconet on this very topic. Together, they are moving the needle when it comes to evangelizing blockchain technology and paving the way for a more sovereign entrepreneurial system.

We know Chelsea from her work and advocacy with Blockchain for Good, where she has created a community that values the important societal changes blockchain technology can actualize. She met David who is also an entrepreneur, friend, and client at a blockchain event where they started discussing the topic of collaborative ownership and distributed value. Chelsea was immediately swept up by the idea and they decided to come together and collaborate on this project.

This collaboration is focused on enabling distributed cooperative teams to commercialize software and enable the whole knowledge economy.

Their mission is to create a paradigm shift with people who work online either as individuals or part of teams such as freelancers and gig workers. People who currently work within the salary base paradigm would be able to switch to a new paradigm of work ownership through programmable money and having skin in the game with regards to what they create. Their goal is to provide creators, who are providing utility to people with the opportunity to receive income in a passive and sustained way without depending on any of the big centralized platforms like Google or Youtube since blockchain's accountability enables creators to actually own their work as assets. This can be done individually, as well as for teams who can come to an agreement as to how they want to split the revenue that their projects generate.

This encourages collaboration, as groups of people can create things together that are of a higher degree of complexity than individuals. They encourage creators to form groups with people who are experts at their craft, so they can all contribute collaboratively on a project, and have equal stakes in its success. Distributed teams can finish complex projects faster and with a higher degree of quality.

These collaborative activities happen on the Ethereum blockchain platform, where people can buy and sell things using the Ether token. The plan is to introduce a stable coin that will be used on the network to account for potential price fluctuations. To date DecoNet’s beta app on the Ethereum main net for people who want to purchase and sell software and buy access to API’s, has been a huge success. Their developer community is around six thousand with a general fan community that has reached thirty thousand people who are following developments on the platform.

David strongly believes that through this system they are creating the future of wealth, providing creators with the opportunity to tap into passive sustainable income. They hope to encourage people to make the switch from an extractive economy to a more transparent economy where marketers, freelancers, developers and others can have complete ownership of their work and break away from a salary economy and working for a company who owns, and capitalizes on individual’s work by paying a salary with no residual income from the work generated. This is in alignment with the zero asset economy future that ben Bartlett has articulated and discussed with us previously. David and Chelsea are looking to a future where monopolistic practices will decrease and instead blockchain will create different paths to wealth creation through programmable money paired with a collaborative sharing economy.

This was a very detailed, informative and insightful conversation; you can listen to it in full here.

You can find Chelsea in the Blockchain for Good Facebook group or at Visit where you can create a group if you’re interested in the blockchain code of ethics. You can also check out Chelsea's Ted talk where she talks about her journey from sharing economy to becoming an advocate for blockchain. Find out more about David on Twitter @DaveSneider where he is mainly tweeting about blockchain and check out to find out more about Deconet.

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