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Hypersonalization the future of Ecommerce

Pete and I had a wonderful time speaking with Peter Pakalski; COO of Hyperpersonal.AI, an artificial intelligence startup developing personalization tools for middle market companies. Their mission is to provide businesses with tools that can pinpoint exactly what the customer wants and show that product or service precisely when the customer is ready to buy by removing as many purchasing barriers as possible.

Peter's entrepreneurial drive started during his college years, where he and his brother started a paddle-board company selling and renting boards in Wisconsin and California. While in college he participated in an accelerator program where he learned how to build a company from the ground up and applied that learning to start a supplement company and gain more experience in online marketing. He also connected with some angel investors and founded a venture capital group. Pretty impressive!

More recently Peter had been exploring AI, believing in its potential to change and improve business at scale. Peter connected with his business partner and co-founder Ayman Chit, on, who was based in Lebanon and building AI technology for website optimization. They immediately started to explore the possibilities of introducing this technology to the American market. Soon after his co-founder left Lebanon and moved to the United States and Hypersonal.AI was formed. The key focus of the company is to build personalization tools that allow websites to analyze customers data and know their preferences ahead of time.

In kicking off this project, Peter's been moving from place to place since last year, living in hostels for weeks at a time, one he even described as a hippie commune. However, he understands that this is what it takes to get a startup off the ground, you have to be as scrappy as you can be in the early stages.

Since the inception of Hyperpersonal.AI, the company has grown to 22 million unique sessions a month with six clients. Their focus is on mid market clients such as marketing agencies with a larger portfolio of clients that can resell their tech to their customers. On average clients are experiencing a 28% increase in conversion and a 22% increase time spent on-site which is quite impressive for a smaller site who is competing with many larger sites on the regular.

We had a great chat with Peter and we are fascinated by what he does. His methods will truly revolutionize the shopping experience for both e-commerce businesses and online shoppers. Have a listen to Peter’s incredible story.

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