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JointechLabs is making stem cell therapy accessible for all

Pete and I are lucky in that we get to speak with founders that are building ground breaking technologies everyday and we love being able to share those conversations out to you, our audience. One such conversation happened recently with Nishit Pancholi and Felix Pustilnikof Jointech Labs (JTL), developers of the Mini-Stem, a device which will completely transform the doctor’s office as we know it, especially the orthopedics office.

Stem cell therapy has the power to change lives, and in recent years we’ve heard a lot about its miraculous potential, but unfortunately today it is not a therapy that is accessible to anyone beyond the famous sports stars or the ultra wealthy. That’s because the therapy is not yet approved for use in the United States. Enter the Mini-Stem created by JointechLabs, which essentially is a lab in your hands, it is a small handheld device that can process fat tissue and deliver back one’s own stem cells, eliminating the need for an expensive lab setup. By reducing the scale and cost of extracting cells to convert into stem cells, the Mini-Stem device is essentially putting creating a lab in the hands of the doctor.

JTL is accelerating the path for usage and that will be beneficial for all, even for those that can’t afford to travel to the Caymen Islands for therapy that is not yet approved for use in the US.

The applications for stem cell therapy range far and wide, from helping to heal orthopedic injuries such as meniscus or ACL tears, to treating osteoarthritis, as well as soft tissue and joint injuries and even cosmetic injectables and fillers. Stem cells do more than just help the body heal, they are special because of their properties of self renewal, differentiation and unspecialized nature. With innovations like the Mini-Stem from JTL on the very near horizon, stem cell banking is and will become even more of a preventative trend.

Beyond the immediate therapeutic benefits of stem cell therapy, making this technology more accessible through the Mini-Stem device means that thousands will avoid the entire cycle of pain that is often attributed to our current opiate addiction epidemic. Those benefits are innumerable and costly. The costs differential between today’s invasive treatments and the potential that the Mini-Stem brings are immense. For insurance companies, this means a $5-10k treatment versus $140k invasive operation such as joint replacement.

We had the pleasure of watching Nishit present his pitch at IndieBio Demo Day yesterday, here’s one of the pictures that highlights the JointechLabs path to market (only 3 years away!),

If you want to learn more about how JointechLabs is making stem cell therapy feasible and affordable, take a listen to our podcast!

If you want to learn more about how JTL is making stem cell therapy feasible - take a listen to our podcast!

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