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Hiring made easy with FreeeUp

Pete recently had the chance to catch up with Nathan Hirsch, CEO of FreeeUp, a business marketplace for freelance service providers that has managed to realize a pretty amazing trajectory in a short period of time.

How does FreeeUp differ from other marketplaces that exist?

FreeeUp focuses on the top 1% of freelancers, those with years of experience, a strong command of the English language and with strong communication practices. These differentiators are ascertained through an extensive vetting process conducted by FreeeUP and only those who make it through the skills tests and interviews are passed through to work on the marketplace.

Nathan first realized the need for a different kind of freelancer marketplace through his first business venture, an eCommerce venture that he launched out of his dorm room while in college and scaled to be a $30 million dollar venture in just 6 years. From that experience, he realized that not only hiring, but hiring well was one of the biggest challenges business owners face. Retraining, mistakes, or unmet worker promises are some of the most costly issues for companies leveraging an outsourced workforce and FreeeUp aims to remove those headaches.

For freelancers, the value is simple; FreeeUp enables workers to focus on their core competencies of their specific discipline and get to work without having to worry about doing job searches. FreeeUp is the services marketplace that bridges the gap between freelance workers and businesses around the world.

Freeeup workers are categorized into three different tiers: lower, middle and expert with a range of hourly prices to go with each tier that provides a basic set of expectations that helps guide both workers and companies get the right hire at the right skill level for the job.

With a focus on client feedback and happiness, Nathan has proven once again that he can achieve incredible results by applying his relentless energy, passion and high standards to the business. One of Nathan’s passions is sharing his insights on entrepreneurship and how to hire well with other business owners, Nathan regularly speaks about the power of hiring as one of the main keys to success.

Have a listen, lots of great nuggets of wisdom from Nathan here!

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