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Personalize your skincare with Proven

In our latest episode of Popping the Bubbl, we sat down with Ming Zhao of Proven Beauty to discuss her personalized skin care line.

Proven Beauty is building the Beauty Genome Project using AI and machine learning to comb through millions of product reviews that have been published by consumers on beauty products and their effectiveness. Using AI, Ming and her team are optimizing the existing data that has been published as well as analyzing product ingredients to develop advanced skin profiles that Proven uses to create custom beauty lines that work for different ethnicities, age groups and even geographic locations.

Ming’s own beauty journey started after leaving a career in finance that wreaked havoc on her skin and left her searching for answers for how to reverse the aging process she saw happening. She went on her own version of an Eat, Pray, Love tour where she spent time curing her soul and also spending lots of time and money trying find the right mix of products that would rejuvenate her skin. Unfortunately, the end result was a feeling of frustration with products not living up to their promises.

After spending countless hours scouring product reviews to discover new products, she realized there had to be a better way. The idea for Proven came in understanding that machines could automate what she had spent so many hours doing, AI would be so much more effective at scouring through tons of reviews and could also leverage NLP (natural language processing) to understand sentiment. She connected with her data scientist cofounder, Amy Yuan and together they dove into the technology needed to achieve this as well as developing an understanding of the make up of these products to determine how ingredients impact different women. That’s how the Beauty Genome Project was born, which now has data for over 100K products and 20K ingredients as well as how those products and ingredients affect people based on who they are.

She knew the database itself would be extremely valuable, but Ming wanted to take it a step further. When she a met a new friend who was a PHD and cosmetic chemist, she knew she had the team that could not only conduct the deep analysis but could also create the and formulate the products.

Ming saw that she could create individualized skin care for every person by starting the customer experience with a questionnaire to assess skin needs, such as genetics, environmental factors, age and skin care goals. This personalized skincare approach is available for anyone to try and can also help people understand more about their own skin.

For Popping the Bubbl listeners that are interested in taking the Try Proven quiz to learn more about their skincare needs and for a 25% off their first order go to and enter "bubbl" at check out for your discount!

Take a listen to our podcast to find out more about Ming’s startup journey which included starting a family earlier than planned and essentially running two startup babies at the same time. We really loved this conversation with Ming who is a fearless leader helping women (and men) access better skincare that is personalized and more effective.

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