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Lou Kerner Flossing BitCoin

On this episode of Popping the Bubbl, Sandra and I host Lou Kerner. Lou is a Co-founder at Crypto Oracle. Sandra and I have been examining how innovations like crypto, blockchain and “the Tangle”…

As a word of caution, don’t you dare read about Tangle unless you’ve got a few hours to spend—this is the event horizon for the world of Crypto—

…are disrupting the world. Crypto is changing finance, contracts, funding, data…basically, every industry, service and even possessions are being impacted.

We invited Lou because he’s a recognized leader in the world of crypto-currency. Heck, he’s been called by the Wall Street Journal, Wall Street’s Bitcoin expert. He also made headlines in Nov 2017 when Snap Interactive Appoints Wall Street Crypto Expert Lou Kerner to Blockchain Advisory Board

Sandra saw Lou deliver a keynote at a recent Crypto conference – Start Engine ICO summit. She provides us some necessary background on Lou in her post on Latina Geeks.

“Lou Kerner a former equity analyst turned VC and the #4 most influential crypto expert on Medium keynoted the event with learnings from his personal trip down the crypto rabbit hole.”

Sandra’s article also covers ICOs which are a crypto-centric form of funding that reduces fees and creates a broader access to revenue when raising capital. ICOs are an emerging part of the Block Chain world that is particularly exciting and likely requires us to have Lou back on to really dig into the topic.

Lou is our second Crypto maven to appear on Popping the Bubbl, the other being Richard Titus. The common thread between the two is their belief--not only is crypto here to stay, but the future is limitless. Lou entranced by Crypto-currency and began in earnest to study it in 2016. Lou leveraged his financial pedigree and consumed Block Chain expertise on Medium…where he established a deep well of knowledge. After about 9 months of study, his knowledge met its destiny when he “saw the light.”

Lou advises that people start on Medium. The site ranks the top 50 authors on the topic. Then simply dive in and get to work. There is a LOT to learn, but Lou encourages people interested in the topic to start reading articles; it’s not too late.

Lou’s light switched on during a conference call. He was listening to Olaf Carlson-Wee and Olaf provided Lou the missing link in his study that allowed him to put it all together. Lou says, he could see the future…he knew that the crypto force, en-masse, was going to change the world more dramatically than any technology before it. His guess is, “The amount of disruption and wealth creation will ultimately be, you know, 10 to 100X the wealth creation and disruption created from the internet.” That’s a big bright light.

One of the sources of the light is changing how we invest in companies. A “Security Token” this token improves how we invest in companies. Instead of waiting years for liquidity, the token purchased is a tradable source of value. The concepts of crypto tokens is covered well in this Medium post by CEO Balaji S. Srinivasan, Thoughts on Tokens.

The thing to realize about the world of Crypto is this, it’s exciting. People are starting to develop some “Crypto Fever.” Yes, it’s big and confusing. Also, the “cryptoverse,” takes some time to map…BUT, whether we like it or not, our world has changed. No matter how the market behaves on a day-to-day basis, crypto is on the rise. As Lou writes on Medium, “The “Crypto Bubble” Isn’t A Bubble, It’s An …….” We will all continue to learn more about Crypto…and Lou is going to help us all figure out how to see our own light.

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