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Vanessa Camones, CEO of AnyContext dishes it out on Silicon Valley

Vanessa Camones joined us for a 2nd time to talk about the state of the internet, online advertising and more.

Vanessa is the CEO of AnyContext a boutique digital marketing agency that helps clients with their strategic marketing, content and social needs. Vanessa’s been around the tech block and she joined us this episode to wax poetic about some of the most fascinating events of the year, deliver her predictions for the future and generally rant about the state of technology and our Silicon Valley Bubbl.

Some things are not impressing Vanessa these days… even while they gain traction as the new darlings of technology. Vanessa feels AR and VR is still niche technology that won’t make it to the mainstream for some time.. if ever. Vanessa (and we agree ) is lobbying for a better use of technology, longing for technology that creates connection, rather than separation. She feels these new technologies as well as social media have made us more distant and separated as humans, even while being more connected.

Not having learned lessons from the past, some companies are still trying to tackle augmented information in the same way as before..ala google glass, but through the new version Snapchat delivered in spectacles. Yet even with all the fanfare, spectacles seem to have fallen short, how many have you seen out in the wild and not just at your favorite geek event like SxSW.

We discussed some of the major fails of this year when it comes to marketing such as tone deaf advertising and serious brand fails.

Vanessa is big on control and feels the future will lead to people having a choice as to the information that they get, how they consume it and when.

Vanessa’s biggest inspirations are her mom and sister, both fearless decisive women. Vanessa’s mom is a successful entrepreneur in her own right who was always focused on continuously learning and challenging herself. She taught her that you can do anything you set your mind to and to always do right by others, lessons she is now imparting to her own daughter.

Love the banter and refreshing frankness of this conversation, take a listen!

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