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SIDOG: Creating a new category of Virtual Immersion Entertainment

We recently had a fascinating conversation with John Coulson founder of SIDOG / Seti entertainment who is developing technology that would allow for truly immersive virtual experiences that enable a live, real-time social interaction while in a virtual setting.

What that means, is that anyone with the technology could insert themselves into live events and places that enable them to interact with the actual experience.

Imagine being able to swing at a pitch from your favorite baseball pitcher or playing in a concert with your favorite rock band, going on virtual dates with someone in another country, the possibilities for how to extend the experience are endless.

John Coulson has been developing his patented technology for years and sees not only the entertainment impact but also its potential for training and education, which he calls “edu-tainment”. His vision is to develop an open platform and encourage other developers to build off his work, licensing the technology and leveraging the patents he has secured without having to go through the tough and extensive steps of actually filing them. All SIDOG games utilize a proprietary integration of emerging tech in AI, VR, AR, MR, MEMS, Holograms, satellite network television and internet simulcasting, so for a developer looking to create a truly unique interactive experience, the foundation is already there.

His first two applications are focused on music and baseball. The idea behind the MLB bullpen game is to allow fans can now insert themselves into the training bullpen of their favorite teams and attempt to hit pitches from the pitchers as they warm up. It’s a way to train with the top professionals in the sport and make improvements to your own game through playing, there’s also a competitive angle to the game where fans can compete against other game players where the computer will calculate your performance.

Another application of the technology under development is called Instant Idol where musicians insert themselves into the music and accompany their favorite bands. The vIsion for instant idol is anyone can take their guitar, plug it in and instantly be transported to the live concert of their choice where they could choose to jam with the likes of Eric Clapton and if they were really good, the band may include their jam or even use it as a talent discovery platform.

The vision behind these games and the technology is that because they are live and in real-time, there is no cheat codes or reset buttons, it all takes place live and is a way for anyone to improve their talents by engaging with the top professionals whether that is musicians, athletes or even medical professionals teaching skills and enabling a real time training that doesn’t endanger a patient’s life. It’s a fascinating new world and through SIDOG’s technology, that world will be open to more of us, giving us the ability to engage with experiences we may never have had an opportunity to reach before.

It was a really fun conversation, check it out and stay tuned for part 2 where we interview SIDOG’s first licensee, TJ Wright of Mi Amore who is building a virtual dating application leveraging SIDOG’s platform.

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