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Happy New Year Everyone!

We had a great opportunity to interview Dalia Asterbadi, CEO of at AIWorld last year. Dalia is a seasoned entrepreneur and founder with a technical engineering background crossed with extensive marketing automation experience.

Dalia is also one of a special club of less than 8% of all aggregate patents holders as a woman and listed as the inventor for the technology that powers

Her journey to entrepreneurship started with her family, both her parents were also involved in technology, her father having spent time spent at IBM. With those chops, it’s easy to see how Dalia became fascinated with solving problems through technology. She wondered how can computers help humans do better or work more intelligently and was passionate about taking the absolute world and putting it into a statistical place.

Running a growing early stage business comes with a unique set of challenges, such as how to scale fast and commercialize quickly. Dalia’s approach has been to study market potential deeply before investing in specific business models. She believes in building sustainability over inorganic growth. Yet, start-ups selling in a B2b environment still run into many obstacles.. specifically with larger enterprise procurement processes and bureaucracy. She encourages enterprises to open the buying process and operations to startups. Another key insight Dalia shared as a start-up founder is to identify not just what opportunities to pursue but the ones to not pursue. is an augmented intelligence platform that is helping sales and marketing teams find opportunities not necessarily visible to them in customer experience or journey. Dalia likes to say “customers move at the speed of life” and companies need to adjust to that speed and understand that the customer journey isn’t always the linear funnel that so many of us marketing practitioners have learned to abide by. Rather we as marketers need to become obsessed with our customers and uncover the micro moments that can get us closer to delivering on their needs. Customer obsessed businesses are the kind that wants to help and support them as they transform from being customer aware to being customer led while adjusting to the customer speed of life.

For most marketers and sales organizations, analysis happens at the tail end, wants to change that and democratize data science to better inform business units with the micro-moments that matter. With’s augmented intelligence and machine learning that becomes possible ,because it uncovers blind spots and builds competitive edge. A fallacy that Dalia mentions is that as marketers we think our customers think about us as much as we think about them and that’s simply not the case. puts a face to the customer rather than just assigning a number and does so using “social dna” to find attributes used to segment prospects and then leverage that personalization at scale. wants to empower its clients with the confidence to maximize their ROI, making existing systems such as email automation and CRM perform much better.

Dalia left us with some interesting thoughts.. Mainly, in today’s world of instant access to information, the customer your new CEO, keeping the focus on customer micro moments and moving to a customer centric model is key. helps companies build out the customer centric model at scale which means better more targeted offers for the consumer translating into higher ROI and brand value.. Win win!

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