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A new beginning..

Pete and I are long time buddies that reconnected recently over our love and fascination with the tech world. Working and living in the Bay area affords us a huge opportunity and access to amazingly brilliant people from all over the world that flock here because it is the epicenter of tech and because they want to change the world. That may sound cliché and it's certainly easy to poke fun at, yet many of these entrepreneurs are doing just that and it's fascinating.

Personally, I am thankful for the countless conversations with makers, builders and leaders who are not just talking the talk but making change happen. While our culture can often be clouded in a bubble of tech-speak, it's those conversations we want to bring and break down for you.

Pete a cultural expert and operational consultant that has fine-tuned his craft with years spent in the trenches and navigating extreme cultural polarities in the villages of Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan, where coming to a cultural understanding is not just a nice to have, it's the difference between survival and death. You can also find him over at his other gig The Break it Down show where he and Jon interview fascinating celebs, musicians, artists and innovators.

Together, we hope to bring you the conversations and unique insights that our diverse points of view provide. We want to illustrate what makes Silicon Valley unique. What drives people to create? We’ll have them describe the lessons they've learned along the way.

Here at Popping the Bubbl, we're demystifying Silicon Valley tech culture, bringing the conversations you often hear in hipster SF coffee shops or inside the boardrooms of top VCs and pulling back the veil to share what really happens behind the scenes.

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